NCS - The Natural Colour System

ncs home page 2NCS is the understandable international colour order system for colour selection, specification, communication and the control of colour in design, architecture, research, marketing and manufacturing. It is based on how people see colour.

The logical colour notation system builds on how humans see colour; a notation represents a specific colour precept and describes the colour visually. It is not dependant on the limitations caused by pigments, light rays or nerve signals.

The Swedish government took the initiative on colour determination and classification in the 1950s and what has evolved is the NCS, which has become the international standard for colour classification. South Africa is compliant; the South African Standard (SANS 1091), which adopts NCS, was enabled in 2004. For additional information
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NCS in South Africa

NCS is now the national standard for South Africa. Most manufacturers should be able to match the system, given that it is based on how the human eye perceives colour. Contact Standards South Africa (a division of the SABS)

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Lisa Taylor

lisa-taylor-profile-smLisa Taylor has been active in the South African architectural, design and décor scene for many years providing analysis and forecasting information to leading manufacturers within those industries.
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Find or visualise an NCS Standard colour quick and easy with this essential



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Create colour harmonies and collections with the NCS Block arranged by nuance.



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The most popular colours – blacks, whites and tinted greys in one handy fan. All designers and




In addition to the standard 2 days courses, NCS Colour Centre SA also offers custom training. We offer you courses tailored to your profession, country or region.
The courses can be held at your offices, customising a course is not necessarily an expensive option and may prove more cost-effective than our standard courses. We will work with you to ensure that we create a programme that meets your needs.


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NCS Courses & Online Training

NCS Colour Centre South Africa launched an educational platform with loads of free information on colour, links to interesting papers on architecture, Colour psychology and just about anything to do with the subject. We have added online NCS colour training and presentations on colour in architecture and how to sell colour for paint stores and any manufacturer in the built industry.

To access the Online Training Platform please click here.

We offer the following courses all over Africa - please e-mail with your details and we will gladly set ups course in your area.
On application with the South African Institute of Architects the 2 CPD points per course day accreditation will again be offered in 2022.

NCS Colour Course - Day One
NCS Colour Course - Day Two

CPD NCS Colour Course
Become a professional colour user and learn to communicate your design ideas more efficiently by better understanding how colour works.
CPD course for Architects - click to access

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